Suspension Repair in Scotts Valley, CA

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Comprehensive Suspension Repair & Maintenance

Designed to maximize the contact your vehicle has with the road, the suspension system helps improve your control of the vehicle and the comfort of your drives. It’s important for this system to be properly functioning, as any issues could dramatically drop your overall driving experience. That’s where Professional Touch Auto Body in Scotts Valley, California can help. Our experienced technicians and service advisors utilize their years of experience and specialized equipment to perform any steering and suspension service your vehicle may need. Whether you need a component replaced or a wheel alignment, we make sure all your drives are smooth and comfortable.

Do You Require Suspension Service?

Because of your vehicle’s suspension system, you are able to enjoy your drives without having to feel every bump on the road. Although the systems have evolved and have become more durable over time, they are still susceptible to wear-and-tear and damage, as they take on constant stress from road and weather conditions. Because of this, it’s important to have the system regularly serviced and to understand the signs of trouble. Here are a couple suspension issues that you need to look out for.

Poor Wheel Alignment

One of the common issues we see many vehicle owners have is minor or major wheel misalignment. This can greatly affect the quality and comfort of your drive, as you can experience symptoms such as pulling, vibrations, and uneven tire wear. If you notice any of these issues from your vehicle, there’s a good chance its suspension system is misaligned. It will need professional help to properly realign the system.

Sagging Vehicle

When functioning properly, the suspension system should keep your vehicle at an even height above the ground. If you notice that a corner or an entire side of your vehicle is drooping closer to the ground, that indicates something is wrong with the springs. We recommend a suspension service as soon as possible, as we can quickly fix or replace the broken springs and ensure your vehicle maintains a proper height.

We’ll Keep You Aligned

Is your vehicle starting to drift while you drive? Have you noticed it sagging forward or backward? If so, your vehicle may be in need of a suspension repair service, and Professional Touch Auto Body can help with that. Our experienced automotive professionals utilize their knowledge and technical skill to perform any suspension service your vehicle needs, whether that’s a wheel alignment or a ball joint replacement. We make sure the suspension system is keeping your drives smooth and comfortable. Give us a call at (831) 438-8939 to schedule your service today! We happily accept walk-ins and offer after hours drop-off and pick-up, so feel free to visit us on 5500 Scotts Valley Drive at your convenience. We look forward to helping you and your vehicle!