Dent Repair in Scotts Valley, CA

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Major & Minor Dent Repair Available

At Professional Touch Auto Body, we’re here to fix any dent you may find on your vehicle. We recognize that dents can be a frustrating issue to deal with, as it takes away from your vehicles clean appearance and drops its value. Our shop in Scotts Valley, California comes equipped with special tools designed to properly fix dents and is staffed with professionals who understand the specific repair processes required. Our service advisors and technicians make sure that you leave our shop dent free! Visit us today and learn how we can restore your vehicle’s factory finish!

How Dent Repair Helps

One of the most frustrating things about vehicle ownership is seeing a random dent show up on your vehicle. Every vehicle owner goes through this, regardless of how careful they may be. There are a variety of causes for these minor blemishes to occur, from door dings to hail damage. But regardless of how and why it happened, it’s important for you to have it fixed. Although it’s easy to let the dent sit there, especially if it isn’t noticeable, it does take away some benefits that you may not think about. Here’s how our dent repair services will help you and your vehicle.

Clean, Factory Finish

One of the main benefits that you’ll see immediately after a dent repair is that your vehicle will have regained its clean, pristine, factory finish. Dents can damage the structure and paint job of your vehicle, which can leave it looking worse for wear. At our facility, we utilize special tools and color matching technology to ensure the dent is repaired and that the proper coat of paint is utilized for your vehicle!

Improved Value

Not only do you restore the factory finish of your vehicle, but a dent repair also helps improve its value. If you’re looking to trade in or sell your vehicle, having minor dents on it will certainly reduce the amount you can get back for it. By going through a dent repair with us, we can make sure your vehicle is always looking its best and that you are getting the most for it!

We Can Fix That Blemish

For any major or minor dent your vehicle may have, let the team at Professional Touch Auto Body help you and your vehicle. Our experienced technicians and service advisors take the time to evaluate the damage and determine what exactly your vehicle needs. Then they’ll quickly fix the blemish and get you back on the road in a pristine looking vehicle. Want to schedule an appointment? Have questions about our dent repair services? Give us a call at (831) 438-8939 and speak with one of our service advisors today! If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and chat with our team in person! We happily accept walk-ins and offer after hours drop-off and pick-up. We’re located on 5500 Scotts Valley Drive, and we look forward to helping you and your vehicle!